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“If you continue to treat insurance management like a game, consider the fact that someone will have to lose. Don’t let it be you.”

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Travel and so called Social Distancing is beginning to open up. Limited opportunities are presenting themselves for Tom to actually be with you and your organizational team. Some children may not yet be completely back in school but, with certain limitations, Tom and his school can come to you. All travel and other mutually approved ground expenses are billed separately from the hourly rate.

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The most commonly requested service is individual and small group virtual learning sessions. These are uniquely and completely customized to the specific wants and needs of the attendees. This hourly service has advanced scheduled availability at most any time of day as well as weekends.

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Schedule one-on-one with Tom for direct advice on how to improve your dental business.

Personalized, one-on-one consultation time provides direct solutions to your individual issues. For many specific situations, it's the most cost-effective means of making your goals a working reality. Don’t suffer in silence – specific technical support means that your clinical and administrative reimbursement challenges are soon to be a thing of the past.

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Insurance is no longer an issue for only the administrative team. These workshop subjects will provide for you, an overview of the information and individual skills needed to grow with, as well as profit from the ever-changing reimbursement environment.

At first glance, many dentists and team members assume this meeting is only for administrators. While the administrative team is the first to encounter the dental benefit plan, as well as the last to review the explanation of benefits that accompanies the finalized claim… “Dental coding is a team sport.”

The choice of what code to use when usually occurs in the clinical area, where the procedures are observed. This workshop greatly benefits all team members, including dental assistants, hygienists and most of all the dentists. No matter how you slice it, the dentist is ultimately accountable for what is charted as well as billed. This workshop will help to ensure that dentists are as knowledgeable as possible on the most utilized dental codes.

Workshop Subjects Include:

– Coding

Accurate coding for the completed procedure is only part of the overall solution. Learn how to forever avoid the “coding strategies” and “canned narratives” that get the attention of regulatory authorities. Coding is simple when clinical documentation is complete and correct. Cut and paste auto notes are not the answer.

– Documentation

Streamlined and simplified reimbursement must always begin with the clinical team. Having the cart in front of the horse leads to frustration and increased workloads. Learn how to stop hunting down data that was never in the original treatment notes. If you have to write a narrative than your clinical documentation needs help.

– Plan Participation (In vs. Out of Network)

Being out of network has its advantages – but are they paying off. If you are merely tracking the write-off you’re only chasing your tail. More of todays cost conscious patients are being emotionally driven to consider only in network doctors. Learn how to manage the managed care and get back to practicing the art and science of dentistry.

– Parameters of Payment

Contracts plan provisions, limitations, and exclusions; as well as carve outs of coverage can be a challenge. Multiple plans covering the same patient in the same family no longer pay the entire bill. What and if the plan pays will have a direct correlation on the patient accepting your comprehensive treatment plan. Learn how to work with these limitations and avoid force collectable overpayments.

– Value Added Customer Service  

Learn to work with and understand plan restrictions and limitations. Even if your office doesn’t accept the insurance assignment, you shouldn’t ignore this critical component of “Value Added” customer service.

– In-depth Coverage of Patient Plans

In addition, the workshop will cover benefit plan provisions, limitations, exclusions and carve outs of coverage that can have a direct correlation with the patient accepting comprehensive treatment. Learn to work with and understand the patient’s plan.

– 7 Keys to Reimbursement Success

How many times have you heard a team member say, “Oh but its not my job. I’m an assistant, hygienist, or doctor.”
To compartmentalize the revenue streams and operational systems of a dental practice is a surefire invitation to trouble. The delicate balance that exists between “too many cooks ruin the soup” vs. “its not my job” can often be emotionally felt all the way into the waiting room. Everyone needs to be on the same page singing from the same songbook. Reimbursement management of the patients insurance is very much on overlooked, and many times overprotected, team effort.

  1. Are the diagnostic specifics and treatment plan documented?
  2. Is the sequence of phased treatment in the correct order?
  3. Does the patient have the means and ability to pay?
  4. Is the patient’s treatment acceptance dependent on their insurance?
  5. Do the clinical records comprehensively complete to justify billing?
  6. Are you getting your full fee or only partial reimbursement for today’s treatment?

How and whom is covering your back in the event of a problem?

Full-Day Format

Stop Telling Patients about their Dental Insurance It’s the patient’s plan – not yours

Patient dental benefit plans are continually changing. Are you and your team?

This full day workshop will provide for you a comprehensive overview of the skills and information needed to cope with as well as profit from market changes. Learn to work with and understand the patient’s benefit plan restrictions and limitations. Tom’s foolproof system to accurately document, code, bill and collect for completed procedures has been implemented in thousands of dental offices across the country. Even if your office doesn’t accept the insurance assignment you shouldn’t ignore this critical component of “Value Added” customer service while you streamline and simplify the reimbursement process.

The past, present and future of dental benefit plan design

What procedures are payable when

Accurate coding for stress free documentation and reimbursement

Half-Day Format

It’s the Patient’s Insurance – and my paycheck depends on it

This half day workshop will provide for you the basic skills and information needed to cope with as well as profit from market changes. Benefit plan provisions, limitations, exclusions and carve outs of coverage can have a direct correlation with the patient accepting comprehensive treatment. Learn to work with and understand the patients plan. Tom’s “Seven Keys to Reimbursement Success” is a winning strategy for every dental office team.

• Documented diagnostic specifics in order to secure more comprehensive reimbursement

• Phased treatment planning that helps patient’s say “yes” to both improved oral health and aesthetics

• Sound financial arrangements as well as separate benefits assessment to help the patient make the most of their plan


Half-Day Format

Simplify Reimbursement With More New Codes? Who Are You Kidding? 

CDT was supposed to make our lives easier. Is it? Do more redefined codes make the plan now pay more for the procedure? This half day workshop will focus on the most common as well as challenging sections of the coding sequence. Clinical scenarios will be discussed from both the clinical as well as administrative perspectives. Tom will help your office eliminate barriers and improve billing communication to all parties involved. Appropriate coding will take the mystique (as well as headache) out of the reimbursement process.

• Accurately document, code, bill and collect for today’s completed treatment

• Supplemental attachments support the doctor’s clinical findings as well as subsequent treatment plan

• Patients receive the greatest benefit from their plan when everyone involved speaks the same language

Private / Study Club / 2-Hour / Lunch or Dinner Meeting Format

This presentation is not open to the public. The sponsoring organization and/or host has retained and requested a specific dedicated format for their private use. Most often these are smaller learning sessions comprised of three to ten dental offices whereby a custom formatted consultation is constructed specifically for their individual needs.

Should you wish to schedule your own event, please fill out the contact form to send Tom a message.

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Your patient’s dental benefits are continually changing. Is Current Dental Terminology making your life easier? What about all the new codes? How about the new claim form, electronic claims, attachments and HIPAA?

We offer a variety of workshops and seminars designed to meet the continuing education needs of your study club or dental society.

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