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Diagnostic (D0100 - D0999)

This category references those codes most often utilized by general practitioners as well as specialists during the examination and evaluation process. A comprehensive evaluation is not concluded until a diagnosis is reached and documented. The codes in this section also include those identifiers for radiographs, photographs, tests for the presence and concentration of pathogens, and study models.

Preventive (D1000 - D1999)


Restorative D2000 - D2999)


Endodontics (D3000 - D3999)


Periodontics D4000 - D4999)


Prosthodontics, removable (D5000 - D5899)


Maxillofacial Prosthetics (D5900 - D5999)


Implant Services (D6000 - D6199)


Prosthodontics, fixed (D6200 - D6999)


Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery (D7000 - D7999)


Orthodontics (D8000 - D8999)


Adjunctive General Services (D9000 - D9999)


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