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When Giving Back Means More…

“Making dentistry affordable for millions through education and information.”

For almost half a century, the Limoli family has served the dental profession, benefit industry, and, ultimately, the patient in your operatory chair. Over the last few months, dentistry has been hit hard. Restarting from scratch with all new reimbursement parameters should not be attempted alone. As a rising tide will lift all ships, so is our commitment to helping make it more affordable and supportive of your returning and success.

As our way of helping you get back to the business of dentistry, Tom is taking 30% to 50% off all individually purchased products and services until further notice. (And he’s in a really generous mood…)

But that’s not the best he can do! With your 12-month client membership subscription bundle to “The Limoli Approach,” you will have added access to the most current 2020 as well as future 2021 CDT procedures and ICD-10 diagnostic coding information.

In addition, your individual office will receive a comprehensive, ZIP code-specific fee reviews along with two full hours of private distant learning, consultation, and webinar-based client support.

This is our most complete product and service bundle, and it’s all for just $595.00. That breaks down to less than $50 a month. Tom is offering a limited number of these available client slots so act quickly as this is a savings of over $1500.

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Let’s get this financial recovery going!

Purchase any of the below products individually or in one convenient package with The Limoli Approach. Prices are reduced until further notice.