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Documentation, Coding & Claims Online Access (12 months)
Documentation, Coding & Claims Online Access (12 months)

Limoli’s original Documentation, Coding and Claims is now all-online and continually updated! Your 12 month subscription gets you 2021 and 2022!

Mastering the codes is easy; after all, we wrote the book! Since its inception and first publication in the mid-1980s, this reference has continually evolved to both meet and exceed the ever-changing face of dentistry. Now it’s revised and expanded in its new digital format to reflect the most current changes to the official “Code on Dental Procedures and Nomenclature.”

Your coding and administrative challenges are soon to be a thing of the past. Never again will you have to wonder what code to use when documenting the patient’s chart and billing their plan. The continually updated resource includes:

  • Both the revised 2021 and 2022 procedure and ICD-10 diagnostic codes.
  • Additional descriptors along with sample clinical parameters and narrations, payment parameters, and examples of documentation guidelines.
  • The comprehensive, unlimited search capabilities of the index take you to — as well as supplement — the existing definitions.

“Bill for what you do, but don’t code until you are finished” is the foundation of Tom Limoli’s simplified system of streamlined reimbursement.

This is the cornerstone resource that complements Tom’s no-nonsense approach to documentation, coding, and reimbursement management.


Comprehensive Fee Schedule Review
Comprehensive Fee Schedule Review

Charge a fee that is fair, balanced and consistent.

The report data will include an analysis of over 450 of the most significant — as well as frequently submitted — dental procedures in your service area. The report of findings is not based on surveys or mathematical projections, but rather on actual live claims data.

This is a service and not an off-the-shelf, inventoried product. It is available for individuals as well as group dental practices. Specialist report data are custom generated by procedure specialty.

Seven to ten working days are required to compile your individualized report.

Included as part of this service is a confidential consultation to assist in both implementing and applying the information to your unique situation. With this service you will be confident in charging fees that are fair, balanced and consistent.


"Virtual" Consultation / Seminar (per hour)
The most commonly requested service is individual and small group virtual learning sessions. These are uniquely and completely customized to the specific wants and needs of the attendees. This hourly service has advanced scheduled availability at most any time of day as well as weekends.


"Client Specific" Consultation Time (Per Hour)

Schedule one-on-one with Tom for direct advice on how to improve your dental business.

Personalized, one-on-one consultation time provides direct solutions to your individual issues. For many specific situations, it's the most cost-effective means of making your goals a working reality. Don’t suffer in silence – specific technical support means that your clinical and administrative reimbursement challenges are soon to be a thing of the past.

Once your order is placed, a calendar link to Tom’s immediate schedule availability will be sent to you whereby a mutually agreeable time(s) can be confirmed.

This service is provided from Tom's location.


The Get Paid System: Reimbursement Made Simple
The Get Paid System: Reimbursement Made Simple

As dental professionals, getting reimbursement through third-party payer – or your patient – or a combination of both can be a nightmare. If the patient’s confusion (regarding their financial responsibility or their plan) is keeping you from the collection percentages you crave… The Get Paid System is for you!

Now, you’ll be able to “Take it to the Bank” with our convenient online access to the forms and 50-plus page printable handbook. The Financial Agreement System is designed to give you the tools, skills, and training needed to end your financial coordination troubles once and for all.

The system includes a workbook with instructions and forms with working examples in a downloadable PDF.


"In Person" Consultation / Seminar (Per Hour)
Travel and so called Social Distancing is beginning to open up. Limited opportunities are presenting themselves for Tom to actually be with you and your organizational team. Some children may not yet be completely back in school but, with certain limitations, Tom and his school can come to you. All travel and other mutually approved ground expenses are billed separately from the hourly rate.