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Comprehensive Fee Schedule Review, Analysis and Consultation

$479.00 $335.30 (per GeoZip Area)

Charge a fee that is fair, balanced and consistent.

This is a service and not an off-the-shelf, inventoried product. It is available for individuals, as well as group dental practices and specialists.

Seven to ten working days are required to compile your individualized report.

The general dental report data will include an analysis of over 450 of the most significant — as well as frequently submitted — dental procedures in your requested service area. Specialist report data are custom generated by procedure specialty. The report of findings is not based on surveys or mathematical projections, but rather on actual live claims data.

Included as part of this service is a confidential consultation to assist in both implementing and applying the information to your unique situation. With this service you will be confident in charging fees that are fair, balanced and consistent.

Starting the process is easy! Simply provide your current unrestricted fee schedule and return the signed “Confidentiality Statement” — all details provided in the VIP membership site once you log in.