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Can You Please Help?

Frankly, I’m confused. Recently you were sent a Hot Summer Sale offer for a “Done For You” Action Plan that would…

  1. Reduce the overall impact of the patient’s insurance on your practice.
  2. Create easier, clearer and less stressful reimbursement.
  3. Lower your non-billable administrative costs.

Quite a few of you checked it out and took me up on this limited-time offer (thank you!) but… many of you didn’t jump on what was, quite honestly, one of the best deals I’ve ever offered. (You can see the original offer here.)

I’d like your help in finding out why. Could you please take 2 minutes of your time to fill out this survey? Tell me honestly why you didn’t take me up on the offer; I can take it! And let me know what products you would like to see that can help you the most.

It will let me know what you’re really looking for and how I can help YOU.

And to show my gratitude, you’ll receive a complimentary 10-minute consultation call with “yours truly” for filling out the form (a $49 value).